Whitepaper - Marketing to the C-suite

July 12, 2012

Change is the new norm, and it's happening faster than anyone predicted. As B2B marketers, we must do more than keep up; we must help lead the way. But what is the best way to engage with members of the C-suite, including the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO and others?

To help marketers meet that challenge, IAS B2B Marketing consulted with senior B2B associates throughout their international B2B network to lay out some best practices to bear in mind when trying to engage the C-suite.

Regardless of the market segments you may work in, this section provides guiding principles and tools for targeting C-level executives. From engaging them at a high strategic level to finding effective ways to get past their gatekeepers, this whitepaper will show you how your business can develop and improve your engagement with the C-suite.



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