Whitepaper: Quality vs. quantity – an email marketing perspective

January 5, 2015

Email remains a key tool in the B2B marketing industry. Given that more than 20 per cent of its marketers change jobs each year, it follows that the email marketing data of any marketer is likely to be obsolete within three years. As a result, the quality of data can decline quickly. Inaccurate datasets then lead to the wastage of sales time, increased management overheads, and the deterioration of IT systems – causing an already overburdened marketing team to lose focus. 

Datamatics suggests all CRM (prospect and customer) data should be regularly revalidated. The frequent maintenance will create a smoothly functioning, efficient machine that makes less noise and is highly effective.

This whitepaper by Datamatics provides an idea of the implied costs of inaccurate data and draws a parallel from the approach to quality management in the manufacturing industry. The concepts raised are a must read for outlining a sound marketing strategy in 2015.




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