Whitepaper - Stop Look Listen: social media monitoring

February 21, 2011

Why social media monitoring matters in B2B marketing. An essential guide to discovering insight that could transform your strategies and tactics by Stuart Morgan, digital marketing director, Marketing Options.


With over 50 million LinkedIn members, 75 million people on Twitter and almost 600 million Facebook users, B2B marketers can be 100% certain of one thing about social media: somebody, somewhere is talking to your customers and prospects about your brand and what you sell.

How do you break through the billions of conversations to find the ones that really matter?

And how does this help you develop ‘closed-loop’, penetrative marketing?

This Whitepaper addresses the principles, methods and benefits of monitoring social media. It tells you all you need to know about:

• Why monitoring social media helps marketers

• What your target audience wants to talk about

• Where they are in the buying cycle

• How to improve ‘fit’ with your target audience

• When your audience is most active in social media

• How to tell who is influencing the market














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