Whitepaper - Thought leadership and content syndication for B2B lead generation

October 17, 2012

You cannot buy ‘thought leader’ status – you have to earn and develop it. How?

One way of doing this is to create content on a higher level than your competitors. Dedicate the time, research and resources to developing a content marketing strategy into a thought leadership marketing strategy. But why?

Once the content is planned and ready to roll out, giving it the necessary exposure to the right audience(s) is the next crucial step. Failure to do so leaves potentially powerful content almost redundant.

By carrying content to your marketplace via the correct distribution channels and the right partners, you begin to solve business’ and people’s problems. Thought leadership and content syndication can merge to form a powerful B2B lead generation tool – producing targeted sales leads, new business prospects and increased brand and company awareness.

This whitepaper, produced by Inbox Insight, covers elements of thought leadership marketing and content syndication – including tips on successful content creation and choosing distribution channels – with a focus on how these two practices can be combined to achieve extremely successful B2B lead generation (and lead nurturing) programs.



Demand generation
Marketing automation



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