Whitepaper: Using data to drive customer centricity

September 27, 2013

Learn how to achieve customer centricity using data.

B2B marketing is changing. Where once it was about delivering carefully crafted messages to databases of likely customers, now it is about producing content to attract and engage buyers, and encourage specific individuals down the sales funnel.

The proliferation of digital targeting techniques and the move to inbound marketing has vast potential for B2B marketers, but success is not easily achieved. At its core is the placing of customers at the centre of marketing and messaging. But who are these customers, where are they, what do they want, and which messages will resonate most powerfully with them?

This whitepaper, produced by B2B Marketing in association with Birst, demystifies the process of figuring out what your prospects want and explains how leveraging the piles of data present within your organisation is the key to attaining customer centricity.



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