Whitepaper - Using video to target business buyers

November 13, 2012

No matter how technology changes the way we access and consume information, no matter how complex and innovative the tools we have at our disposal to entice, track and monitor our prospects.

Within three years, 44 per cent of executives expect a smartphone or tablet to be their primary device for business use. They can access and consume content of every kind, no matter where they are – on average, they make seven mobile searches each day – and the content they currently prefer is video.

Fifty two per cent of executives watch work-related videos on YouTube at least once a week. Seventy five per cent watch work-related video on business-related websites at least once a week. And if ‘Mr Executive’ likes video, you can be sure that the market will respond and give him more of it. It will do so with ease, because video is now wonderfully simple to produce.

Executives also like video because they are, like everyone these days, time poor. So, if there’s a way for executives to absorb information quickly, they’ll lap it up. 

There are some traps to be aware of, read our chapter on how to engage with your audience, nurture leads and create a video campaign which resonates with the audience you are looking to engae with. 



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