Whitepaper: Where's the beef - how social media can really cut the mustard

February 23, 2011

Most B2B marketers know by now that social media can add value to their marketing strategy. Yet many are still unsure of where to start, which platforms to use or how to measure and demonstrate the success of their social media marketing initiatives. Stuart Morgan, digital marketing director, Marketing Options explains how. 

This white paper from Marketing Options International will answer seven burning questions being asked by B2B marketers in 2011:

1. Can social media marketing really deliver benefits for B2B brands?
2. Where should I start?
3. How do I integrate social media into my overall marketing strategy?
4. What sort of objectives should I set?
5. How do I incorporate social media in my marketing mix?
6. How much budget, time and resource should I dedicate to social media?
7. How can I measure and demonstrate the success of my social media campaigns?

It will provide practical guidance on incorporating social media into your overall marketing strategy. You will learn about some common tactics and techniques for successful social media marketing, and some proven methods of monitoring progress, measuring results and demonstrating ROI.






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