Whitepaper - Will the monster of B2B cliches ever be defeated? A study of creativity in B2B marketing

September 26, 2012

B2B marketing is known as the less creative little brother of B2C. But is that title deserved? And how can we strive to be more creative?

This is an exploration of B2B creativity inspired by the findings of a study into the attitudes of both clients and agencies.

As anyone who paid attention at school will remember, every experiment should start with a default hypothesis which you then set out to disprove. When IAS B2B Marketing reviewed the general global B2B communications landscape they saw that it was a rather dull and uniform world. Very blue in colour and very stock standard in its imagery.

It was with heavy heart that they devised the hypothesis: Creativity is not important to B2B marketers.

Unfortunately, their study didn't do much to disprove that hypothesis. This whitepaper explores those results and discusses ways to disrupt the status quo and make a creative campaign that really stands out.


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