The 4 types of B2B content marketing agency (and which is right for you)

April 10, 2017
United Kingdom

Today, while people will talk about content marketing, in truth there are a number of tangibly different approaches. Regardless of what some would have you believe, no single approach is right for every business. As such, the type of partner you choose can radically affect whether you meet your targets or not.

In this new guide, we examine the four main types of B2B content marketing agency and examine:

  • What they are good at
  • Where they are weak
  • What would lead you to select one over another
  • And what any agency should be able to do, no matter what their focus

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“If you are partnering with a ‘B2B content marketing agency’, your partner’s core approach will radically affect the kinds of activity you will undertake, the timescales you’ll work to, and the kind of results you’ll see.”


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