The 7 myths of B2B content marketing

December 5, 2016
United Kingdom

As a much hyped approach, there is no shortage of views on content marketing. Trouble is, for every idea that delivers value there tends to be another four that are little more than wishful thinking. And wishful thinking doesn’t deliver results.

It’s time to think again.

Download The 7 Myths of B2B Content Marketing to learn:

  • Why successful B2B content is not simply about inbound and social
  • Why there’s a time and a place for selling through content
  • How to balance the need for both quantity and quality

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“Until companies get over the myth that if they build it, their customers will come, they will never realise the full potential of their content marketing efforts.”

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The 7 Myths of B2B Content Marketing
The 7 myths of B2B content marketing



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