Account-based marketing - the art of the start

September 26, 2016
United Kingdom

With a majority of marketers surveyed viewing ABM as important to driving growth, it is critical for companies to put a strong data foundation in place to give themselves the best starting point for their ABM journey and the best chance of program success.

To understant the current state of ABM - Avention undertook market research suverys in March, 2016 and spoke with a variety of B2B marketing leaders. One survey focused on ABM successes and challanges and the role of data; the other focused on the role of predictive indicators in ABM and marketing, in general. 

Conference 2017: Account-Based Everything

This year, the Conference is focused entirely on how B2B businesses of all shapes, sizes and models can deliver sales and business growth through account-based marketing (ABM).


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Account-based marketing - the art of the start


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