Act Local, Grow Global: The role of localization in international markets

April 13, 2017
United Kingdom

For many businesses, attracting new customers, keeping existing customers happy and growing revenues are key priorities. To create an exceptional global customer experience, language is critical to connect with your customers. Accurate, current and properly localized information on any channels - on your website, in your marketing assets and in product documentation - gives your in-market customers a more personal touch.

SDL Managed Translation teamed up with the SMB Group, a leading research, analysis and consulting firm, to bring you the latest tips for export success.

The eBook includes real customer examples from ReachLocal, Morgan Olson, Pyramid Analytics, Brand USA and many more, which explain how quality localization helps businesses improve their customer experience and grow business in new markets.

"Businesses that export to one or more countries are 13% more likely to forecast revenue growth than those who don't."