Best practice guide: Account based marketing

May 8, 2017
United Kingdom

Savvy B2B marketers are looking to invest in a more targeted approach when identifying, engaging and closing valuable accounts. ABM is a strategy wherein organisations deliver personalised marketing and sales content to a specific set of accounts.

Most B2B marketers have heard of Account Based Marketing, or might even already be using basic ABM principles in some way or another, but with the development of new technologies and sophisticated data management capabilities ABM can now be executed in tandem with your other marketing strategies, including your usual lead generation campaigns. 

The benefits of ABM are undeniable. This guide will discuss how you can identify the most profitable accounts and generate bespoke content to target the relevant decision makers. 

Discover how ABM can help align your sales and marketing teams to better reach out and close the accounts that will deliver the best ROI.



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