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March 6, 2017

How brands can disrupt and win in B2B markets

Being different and doing things differently isn’t enough anymore. These days, it’s all about disruption.

But if disruption has become the template for success, what does this mean to B2B marketers?

  • How can you learn from brands who have created seismic shifts in their sectors?
  • How can you create and harness a disruptive ethos to ramp up your brand cut-through?
  • And what should you do when a disruptor comes knocking at your door?

This bitesize guide from Speed Communications will throw light on all these questions and more.

Download your copy now to discover:

  • What it means to be a disruptor in B2B
  • How to create a disruptor story
  • Why PR could be your key disruption channel
  • How to respond to a disruptive competitor

Ready to be the next Uber? You dont need to be!

Download this guide for quick, practical insights into how to make disruption work for your B2B brand, including:

  • Why and how to adopt a disruptor business mentality
  • How to turn a disruptive competitor into a marketing opportunity
  • Why bravery and consistency must go hand in hand in any disruptive branding you create
  • The comms channel strategies that are common to successful disruptor businesses


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