The get real guide to B2B content marketing

November 21, 2016
United Kingdom

Content marketing is now a fundamental component of every modern marketing strategy. But for too many, the way it’s being practiced simply isn’t delivering the results they need. And while the advice tends to be ‘stick with it and it’ll come’, that’s no help for a marketer looking down the barrel of their quarterly targets. It’s time to take a different approach.

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  • What the research really tells us about content marketing effectiveness
  • The 4 critical points of failure for way too many programmes
  • 7 ways to improve your real-world effectiveness — starting today

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“It is one thing to reflect what customers find interesting and another to tie their interests and objectives with yours. So while many businesses churn out ‘interesting’ top 5 listicles that may generate some clicks (sometimes lots of clicks), they’re failing to move the prospect towards a sale.”

Get real guide to B2B content marketing
The get real guide to B2B content marketing



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