The get real guide to B2B differentiation

November 7, 2016
United Kingdom

Download your guide to creating a standout B2B brand.

What makes your brand different? Not just within the four walls of your office, but out there in the real world of your customers.

Thing is, all too often, what companies like to think of as different, isn’t. Or if it is, it’s not that important to customers.

The result is that when a potential buyer thinks of a category, they’ll probably only really consider two or three brands. The ones that stand out. The ones most relevant to them and their needs. And the rest? Who cares?

Download The Get Real Guide to B2B Differentiation to learn:

  • Why meaningful differentiation is now more important than ever
  • How emotion trumps logic every time
  • The four measures of a truly differentiated brand
  • And how to ensure your positioning doesn’t just work in PowerPoint but delivers in the real world of your business

Get your copy now.

“Too many positions seem great on a post-it note in a small airless room where everybody’s high on caffeine and marker fumes, only to die when applied to any kind of real-life scenario.”

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The Get Real Guide to B2B Differentiation
The Get Real Guide to B2B Differentiation




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