Making omnichannel a reality in your organisation

January 31, 2017

Omnichannel isn’t yet business as usual for B2B organisations, and the reasons for this are familiar: if it’s not a lack of alignment between sales and marketing, problems with legacy systems, non-customer oriented processes or siloed data, it’s limited skills or employee resistance – or an unhappy combination of all of the above.

In the second of a three-part report, carried out in association with Sitecore, we've sought to find out how marketers can overcome these challenges to embed and maintain a truly omnichannel approach.

Download this paper to find out:

  • Where your brand sits on the omnichannel maturity index.
  • The blockers to omnichannel success and how to overcome them.
  • The cornerstones of customer experience – and the metrics that pinpoint your brand's CX maturity levels.
  • How B2B marketers currently feel about the reliability of their data sets – and how to go about improving your data-driven insights.
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