The omni-channel data trend report 2017

May 15, 2017
United Kingdom

Ready to get right up to speed with the most important trends, shifts and challenges in marketing this year?

This indepth, annual marketing benchmark survey has quickly become a bellwether for every modern marketer who wants their finger on the pulse.

Based on electronic voting data supplied by over 340 marketers across multiple disciplines, this latest version of the report will show you:

  • Which specifiic marketing channel combinations are working for most marketers
  • Whats happening with marketers' data
  • How marketing automation fits into the picture
  • How multi-channel and omni-channel are fitting into the picture
  • The most pressing, forthcoming challenges you can't ignore

These are crucial insights to inform your decision making this year

You'll discover trends in marketing aproaches by industry sector, so you can see exactly how you measure up in your vertical. 

And, crucially, the report reveals the two most important, trending challenges identified by marketers. These are the big ones you need to have on your radar.

Download your free copy now, to discover:

  • The killer marketing channel combination used by most responders
  • What MA actually looks like for most marketers
  • The two most important fast-growth channels in the marketers' mix
  • The biggest, most important trend in marketing data, that you need to be on top of
  • The 3 real-time customer data elements chosen by 70% of marketers as the ones that matter


Interestingly the report finds that digital transformation isn't regarded by marketers as one of their top-five trends. But there are two trends that quite simply stand out a mile.



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