Research: Good call – How to position telemarketing at the heart of your multichannel marketing to drive revenue

May 11, 2015

Telemarketing has been an effective and efficient marketing technique for decades. Despite the massive shifts in customer behaviour – thanks largely to the rise of the social media networks – telemarketing has continued to be a mainstay within the marketing armoury of all businesses in the B2B space. Indeed, telemarketing has proven its worth time and again as a channel where long and lucrative commercial relationships are forged and maintained.

With customers coming into the B2B sales funnel at many different stages, telemarketing can be the differentiator for a business looking to move buyers towards purchasing decisions.

B2B Marketing teamed up with The Telemarketing Company to explore how marketing professionals can effectively leverage telemarketing within a multichannel approach. Download the resulting report which contains a pair of practical how to guides, case study, Q&A with an industry-leading consultant and more.





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