What B2B buyers really think, and what brands should do about it

October 27, 2016
United Kingdom

B2B buyers unanimously agree that the majority of marketing they get from big brands is undifferentiated. But differentiation is hard to find in competitive markets. Bigger. Better. Faster. It just doesn’t cut it. 

The Marketing Practice worked with Kindle Research to capture some more detailed opinions and illuminating conversations from decision-makers about what exactly is going wrong. This report outlines our findings about what buyers want from provider marketing, and how to build strong value propositions to tackle this challenge.

Read the research report to discover:

  • Candid feedback from B2B decision-makers about the marketing they receive
  • The common mistakes companies make in their direct marketing
  • What buyers find useful, and how they want marketers to approach them
What B2B buyers really think, and what brands should do about it



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