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Propolis new user interface


Discover Propolis - the uniquely effective way for you to get expert answers, insights and guidance for your marketing and leadership strategy and team development.

Take a journey through the all-new Propolis user interface below...

Propolis homepage screen
Propolis dark background

The home screen.

Here you and your team begin your journey to get the expertise, insight and answers you need, each day. Just select which action you want to take:

Ask a question, to get a quick response to your urgent challenges - either from one of our Propolis Panel experts, or from the Propolis member community, including any of our expert Propolis Ambassadors.

Access content - search our rich content stack by topic, and read, watch or listen to our latest, practical and expert B2B marketer's content.

Get involved with the unique Propolis online community by sharing your own thoughts and insights, joining a Propolis event or joining the buzz of a 'Swarm' discussion.

Learn and develop - benchmark your team's capabilities with the Marketing Maturity Diagnostic, call a Propolis expert for 1-2-1 advice, enrol in training, or scope a bespoke team development project.

Propolis user homepage


Ask a question

  • Find the answers you need, when you need them - every day
  • Get an answer to a specific challenge or issue
  • Ask the Propolis community - pose your question in the All Members room
  • Or select one of eight Propolis Experts, on hand to offer you independent expert advice and deep B2B marketing knowledge
Propolis ask a question screen


Ask an expert

Use the Expert Directory, start a conversation with one of our industry experts, and get a quick, direct response:

  • Choose the Propolis Expert you want to connect with, from one of eight Content Channels
  • Drill down in the Propolis platform to Expert bios, including their content posts, influence circle
  • Explore their social media links, for wider context
  • Connect and get a one-to-one, direct answer to your specific question: Quickest way - use the 'Ask a Question button'!
propolis ask an expert


Ask the Propolis community

The Propolis community is the heart of the Propolis programme, where peer-to-peer learning and support keep your finger on the pulse of great B2B marketing.

  • Pose a question to the All Members room, for answers and feedback
  • Search and connect directly with fellow Propolis members
  • Browse and contribute to current conversations
  • Share an opinion, links or content
  • Start a discussion about a pertinent topic
Propolis ask the community screen


Access the Propolis rich-content stack

Here's where our experts share step-by-step guides, research, tends and analysis, mini tutorials, templates, models, workflows, best practice briefings, thought leadership, and more.

  • Search content by keyword, or 8 industry topics
  • Get instant access to a unique library of B2B-marketing focused, actionable, technical content
  • Find inspiration from the world's greatest B2B marketers, to energise and inspire you and your team
  • Search by format: Webinars; Podcasts; Written reports, guides, workflows etc
Propolis content search screen

Get Involved

Share your experience, solve problems together, take part in the debate, and participate in Propolis Events

  • Post your content - here's where you can share your own best practice examples and case studies with your fellow Propolis community members
  • Join a Propolis Swarm - unique, expert-led programmes to solve a shared problem with your peers
  • Join a conversation - have your say on the latest hot topics and answer your peers' questions
  • Join a forthcoming live event - attend or catch up on the latest best practice briefings, roundtables and panel discussions
Propolis get involved screen


Browse and join forthcoming, live and online Propolis member-exclusive events:

  • Leaders roundtables
  • Best practice briefings
  • Fireside chats
  • Live panel discussions
propolis events

Join the latest Propolis Swarm

Swarms are two-week, structured programmes led by our Experts.

Each Swarm engages you and other Propolis members via a number of methods (polls, roundtables and more), and is designed to help solve a shared B2B marketing-related problem.

Once each Swarm concludes, we share the findings, and then create dedicated Practical Guidance content for you and your team to reference whenever required.

Propolis swarm screen


Learn and develop

Work with an Expert to benchmark your marketing team's maturity, get advice on specific challenges, or scope a larger project:

  • Marketing Maturity Diagnostic - benchmark your marketing function's capabilities and maturity
  • Call an Expert - have a one-to-one call with a Propolis Expert
  • Power Hour - have a 60 minute Expert briefing for your team
  • Advisory - scope a bespoke project with an Expert
  • Additional training - browse and choose any of our certified virtual training workshops
Propolis learn and develop screen

Your 10-step journey to accelerated marketing team high-performance, with Propolis

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