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Internal marketing - how to win over your other set of customers

Marketing to internal stakeholders and employees in your own organisation is an often overlooked, but crucial element of the job. 

Effective internal marketing will help you manage and deliver a more profitable and successful CX, not to mention put your own team's successes and value on the radar of the whole business.

In this two hour roundtable, exclusively for B2B Marketing Premium members, we'll discuss:

  • Communicating your brand - How do you get your colleagues to make an emotional connection with your brand promise, proposition and values
  • How can your internal marketing impact and improve CX
  • What makes an effective internal marketing strategy and plan
  • The best ways to communicate your marketing successes and show how your wins fit the business strategy and goals
  • What's the role of HR in all this?

Date: 23 January 2019. 10am - 12pm.
Location: London, EC1

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