Regular page briefs

Below you can find the briefs for the regular pages and columns in B2B Marketing. Approved articles may appear in both the magazine and online. Before submitting, read the briefs and email the correct contact expressing your interest with a brief synopsis, if relevant.

Book reviews
Word count: 300 max

One review will be chosen each month to go in the magazine.

Reviews should be:

  • Written in the first person
  • Submitted within two weeks of receipt of the book (exact dates will be issued when the book is allocated and dispatched to a reviewer).
  • Submitted with a high-res image of the reviewer (at least 300dpi)
  • Written in good English with opinions expressed in a balanced, unbiased way – the language style adopted can be fairly informal due to the nature of review writing, but standard English spelling and grammar must always be used (no slang or colloquialisms).
  • Please keep in mind that you are reviewing this book for a B2B marketing audience, and to consider your review from this angle.

Reviewers do not need to return the books to B2B Marketing after the review has been written.
Submit a book review or nominate yourself as a reviewer to our digital content manager Jessica McGreal


Case studies
Word count: 800
Click here for an example. 

These following areas of discussion are essential. Using each point as the basis of a section is required.  

  • Who is the client company? What products/services do they offer? To what target audience? Any other pertinent information – please keep this brief, less is definitely more.
  • What was their marketing problem? And why did they choose to work with the agency/service provider?
  • What solution was devised? How did it work and how did it address the business issue?
  • This section should make up the bulk of the article. It should explain the approach that was adopted, and why this was chosen, and look at any problems encountered and how they were resolved.
  • What results were achieved?
  • Quote from the client – this must be attributed to a marketing decision maker within the client company.
  • [Optional] Activity going forward – how is the success being carried forward?

Images: picture of client decision-maker quoted and an image of relevant marketing activity

Submit a case study to magazine editor Maxine Marshall


How to/Best practice
Word count: 900

Click here for an example

These articles are designed to provide marketers with practical tips and guidance on how to achieve a specific marketing objective or business need. This should be made clear in the title. For example: ‘How to... refresh your marketing database'.

They must NOT be a general discussion around the issue with no specific actionable advice – they must deliver clear guidance which is easily accessible.

Structure and style
In terms of structure, to meet the objective of the article, they should be broken down into clearly identified steps or bullet points to help the reader navigate the content quickly and draw out relevant information in the quickest possible manner.

The article must start with an introduction, briefly explaining the dynamics of the business objective or issue. This should be no more than 250 words. The remainder of the article should be devoted to the advice and practical guidance.

It must be written in the first person, and supplied with a print quality (300 dpi) jpg of the person the article should be attributed to.

Submit a 'how to' to Maxine Marshall