Infographic: Are you built for marketing operations excellence?

Numerous definitions for marketing operations are circulating, but all agree that it’s a critical part of the marketing function, at least potentially.

Sometimes it’s described as the ‘backbone’ of the marketing department, delivering planning, governance and allowing the team to deliver their objectives. Elsewhere, a hub and spoke metaphor is used, with operations as the hub sitting centrally to the wider functions, such as budgeting, planning, resource management and competitor analysis.

The infographic below details the skills and attributes necessary for marketers to thrive in an operations role. To download this infographic as a PDF, please click here.

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Adapt or die? Leadership in the era of the martech transformation

The martech transformation is upon us. This report looks at the role tech is playing in enabling change and how marketing leaders are responding.

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Adapt or die? Leadership in the era of martech transformation