Martech Awards case study: How Kaltura won Gold for ‘Digital or hybrid event platform of the year’

Kaltura’s Virtual Events platform empowers organisations of all sizes to easily and independently create, manage, and scale fully branded virtual event and hybrid experiences of any size and any kind, all with a single platform – from webinars to town halls to full-blown expos, and everything in between. 

Built on the company’s experience delivering events of all sizes for leading companies around the globe, Kaltura Events includes “do-it-yourself” capabilities that enable customers to consolidate their events across the organisation and create world-class event experiences at scale. 

This year Kaltura not only worked with global companies to host multi-location events with hundreds of thousands of attendees, but used the platform to host their own flagship event, Virtually Live, complete with thousands of attendees and dozens of sessions, both pre-recorded and live. 

About Kaltura

Kaltura powers any video experience for any organisation. The Kaltura Video Experience Cloud provides real-time, live and on-demand video products for businesses, educational institutions, and media and telecom companies across the globe, including a robust events platform. From global one-of-a-kind events with hundreds of thousands of participants to webinars, town-halls, SKOs, and multi-day multi-track events, organisations utilise Kaltura to build, manage and scale the event that is right for them. 

About Kaltura’s solutions 

With templates to create, brand, and produce virtual events, Kaltura is a reliable hub for any end-to-end hybrid event production. After perfecting their methods for the big players with hundreds of thousands of attendees, they are able to confidently put on any kind of event- at any size and scale. 

About Kaltura’s customers 

Kaltura’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies such as AWS, SAP, Oracle, and others, to small businesses, from Ivy League Universities to local grade schools. The need for flexible, easy-to-use, and automated event or meeting solutions skyrocketed during the pandemic. 

The video and events industries used to be entirely separate, now they go hand in hand. A neat video or a live stream used to be an added bonus to a live event, but now, video is essential to producing a robust and inclusive hybrid event. Kaltura has created a wide array of video solutions that serve the needs of the convergence of the video and events industries. From templates for webinars to town halls to enterprise-scale virtual events, Kaltura sets the standard for catering to today’s video needs. 

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and development 

Kaltura received high CSAT scores of 4.89 out of 5 from our customers as well as their customers (event attendees). We see repeat customers (same event programs, year over year), and our targets are surpassed in regards to retaining loyalty and upselling additional events– larger ones (more registrations and attendees) and additional experience components and add-ons (hybrid capabilities, event management services, gamification extras, and more. 


Kaltura has been cited as a Strong Performer in the B2B Event Management Wave report by Forrester. Additionally, Kaltura was cited as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions in 2021. 

Tech enhancements 

Established in 2006 and a recognised leader in the streaming and online video market, Kaltura’s solutions became even more well known and respected during the pandemic. Since the first lockdowns, customers have been asking, “how can we make this easier for non-video experts? How can we scale these solutions for organisations of any size?”

From individual classrooms to AWS events with tens of thousands of attendees, Kaltura has been consistently challenging how to make an impact in the smallest of meetings to the largest of town halls. 

Kaltura provides an over-the-top event experience, constantly innovating to provide the best-in-class attendee experience with fully branded unique pages layouts as well as robust networking features (watch parties, connection recommendations, etc.). Kaltura also ensures a flawless and effortless organiser experience with a rich set of ready-to-use event templates, a service to set up their own brand templates (also about to be retrieved and reused for later events), automated events and webinars for recurring engagements, and, seamless integrations in marketing automation and CRMs and more. We have the widest offerings for event analytics and insights - real-time dashboards, engagement dashboards, registration funnel dashboards, and more. 

Market engagement and/or leadership

To demonstrate leadership in the world of virtual events, Kaltura has taken a market education approach. They hosted Virtually Live!, a virtual event on virtual events, soon to be followed by a podcast so that they can continue to engage with marketers and event organisers as the industry is constantly evolving. 

For the event, Kaltura brought in keynote speakers and panellists from executives that are CMOs and VP Global Events at top-level companies like Oracle, Microsoft, YouTube, Hubspot, Accenture, Gong, Drift, SAP- among others- that offered their expertise on the subject. 

On a more consistent basis, Kaltura is publishing thought leadership and industry education pieces in Forbes, VentureBeat, and other leading outlets. They have also made a point to engage with celebrities and produce awareness campaigns about the diversity of solutions that they offer. At the end of last year they collaborated with Netflix actor and producer Lior Raz, and are planning an additional campaign this year with David Duchovny. 

Business performance 

For Kaltura’s flagship event, they received a CSAT score of 4.9/5 in relation to attendees’ experience with the content and experience. Interest in our soon-to-be-launched “Virtually Live!” podcast and for additional hands-on interactive workshops by our virtual and hybrid event experts came in immediately, and we are still seeing the sustained visibility and excitement months later. 

“Kaltura might have operated in the background, but the feedback about the platform, engagement opportunities, gamification, and content quality was excellent. Kaltura Virtual Events came through on all its promises. As far as we are concerned, Kaltura is the industry gold standard virtual events platform”

Tracy Adani, head of global event production, Check Point

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