Awards case study: B2B marketer of the year, Andy Cravos

What makes Andy Cravos, head of marketing – Europe at Genpact, B2B marketer of the year?


Like all the most successful marketing programmes, Lean Digital was a team effort. But it wouldn’t have been as successful as it has been without Andy Cravos. He...

  • Developed a marketing strategy that addressed brand and business objectives.
  • Identified the talent needed from the business and suppliers.
  • Galvanised that talent under a shared goal: Lean Digital.
  • Used lean principles to optimise outputs: Genpact’s team size and budgets are, on average, 40% less than those of Genpact's competitors.
  • Used rigorous prioritisation and research to drive a highly targeted, phased approach.
  • Ensured that all members of the sales and marketing teams added value to the programme and understood their roles in delivering the strategy.
  • Oversaw the creation of hundreds of brand assets and a series of international events.
  • Delivered a programme that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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Achievements in the last 12 months

Under Andy’s steer, the Lean DigitalSM programme has delivered:

  • 19 converted opportunities to date
  • 110 appointments with the potential to convert
  • First full Lean DigitalSM global implementation in Genpact's history with a major global bank
  • Global web traffic up 195% year on year.

And he’s achieved this with a tight budget (less than 1% of revenue) and the support of a marketing team nearly half the size of those of our competitors. He’s created a results-focused team where marketing and sales work hand in hand towards a shared goal.

Strategic vision and/or impact on the business

Andy’s goals were to:

  • Drive brand awareness with regards to Genpact’s digital transformation capabilities.
  • Contribute 20% of sales pipeline from marketing sources.
  • Contribute to double digit business growth.
  • Open new conversations with CDOs, CIOs and previously unreached audience subsets.

Strategic vision
Andy focused on creating a wide-reaching, multi-channel, integrated demand generation campaign. The campaign had to demonstrate Genpact’s ability to deliver end-to-end digital transformation to new prospects and existing customers, while leveraging its heritage in lean operations.

Andy’s approach

  • He devised a multi-phased, integrated demand generation campaign to drive revenue and boost brand awareness and understanding.
  • He set clear objectives and expectations, aligned to the broader business goals, for all members of his team.
  • He developed excellent communication between sales and marketing, and provided sales with ongoing support.
  • He researched and prioritised the most relevant, receptive accounts and the most appropriate channels.
  • He created a repeatable, streamlined go-to-market campaign blueprint.

Andy’s impact on the business

  • Sales and marketing operate as a single team.
  • Marketing has exceeded pipeline contribution targets.
  • He created a demand generation strategy that can be easily repeated.
  • First full Lean DigitalSM global implementation in Genpact's history with a major global bank, as a direct result of the new conversations the Lean DigitalSM programme opened. 


“Andy is prepared to take educated risks, commit to decisions and has a knack for finding the simplest, but also most effective, path to a solution. He always tries to consider the value and the benefit for the end customer, and I think that helps guide our thinking too.” Neil Dowling, global leader of market engagement and demand creation at Genpact.

“Andy is really good at asking ‘why?’ It’s easy to get confused with details sometimes, but he’s great at taking a step back and questioning whether what we’re doing is still aligned to the big picture. He picks a route and commits to it completely, not getting swayed along the way.” David van Schaick, CDO at The Marketing Practice.

Genpact’s Lean Digital programme was a disruptive challenger campaign that highlighted the inefficiencies and wasted spend of many digital transformation efforts. Lean Digital has delivered outstanding results:

  • 19 converted opportunities to date
  • 110 appointments with the potential to convert
  • First full Lean DigitalSM global implementation in Genpact's history with a major global bank
  • Global web traffic up 195% year on year. 

About the candidate 

His colleagues think Andy is the epitome of what a modern marketer should be. He’s smart and savvy; he makes bold strategic decisions; he steers a clear course, but he’s quick to flex his tactics when necessary. He approaches the most complex challenges with the agility of a start-up; he listens to others; he keeps them on their toes; he makes them feel like they count. Under his leadership, sales and marketing work together; he takes results seriously but he never takes himself too seriously. His colleagues trust him; people want to be part of his team.

Andy joined Genpact as marketing manager for Europe, Australia and Japan in April 2014. He was quickly promoted to head of marketing for Europe. Previously he had been with Fujitsu as market and competitive intelligence executive and then marketing lead, Central Government & Justice.

The brand they work for

Genpact stands for “generating business impact”. We are a global leader in digitally-powered business process management and services. Our Lean DigitalSM approach and patented Smart Enterprise ProcessesSM framework reimagines our clients’ operating models end-to-end, including the middle and back offices, to deliver growth, efficiency, and business agility.

Significant career achievements

Proving that age is no measure for capability, Andy’s early but hard-earned success is evidenced by the awards he’s received to date:

  • 2015: Best Lead Generation Programme for Intelligent Operations at the 2015 B2B Marketing Awards
  • 2015: ‘Award of Excellence’ for a multi-channel lead at the BMA Awards
  • 2012: Fujitsu UK&I Graduate of the Year
  • 2011: Fujitsu Young Marketer of the Year