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Awards case study: Eulogy restores Drayson Technologies' faith in the power of good PR

Find out how Eulogy raised over £100,000 of retail sales for a new product and caused an increase in website traffic by 69,649 visitors for Drayson Technologies


Last year, Eulogy launched Freevolt, a never-before-seen invention that harvests radio frequency energy and turns it into a reliable power source for consumer products, using Drayson Technologies’ CleanSpace Tag, a personal air pollution sensor powered by Freevolt, as its flagship product application. It captured the attention of audiences around the world and, crucially, turned a ground-breaking technology into an accessible and desirable consumer product.

Objectives and strategy

To launch and generate commercial interest in Drayson Technologies and its flagship technology, Freevolt, primarily in the UK and US, used the CleanSpace Tag as the technology’s first commercial product. Specific objectives included:

  • Raise £100,000 in sales of CleanSpace Tags via Crowd Funder
  • 20,000 website visitors
  • 250 developer kit requests
  • Nominal target of five business enquiries.

Eulogy's strategy for launching Freevolt was to create anticipation ahead of a literal ‘unveiling’ of the technology. To do this, Eulogy needed to:

  • Introduce Drayson Technologies as a sophisticated technology innovator.
  • Inspire its audiences with Drayson Technologies’ vision for the future.
  • Establish credibility around the company and intrigue in its development.
  • Create an unveiling moment to make the world notice.

By delivering this strategy, it was able to quickly take the business from the shadows of the laboratory into the spotlight of the world technology business stage.

Method deployed 

1. Initiate: June and July

Building Lord Drayson’s profile, the story behind Drayson Technologies and the vision for the business would be crucial to the entire execution of the launch. This was activated through a series of face-to-face briefings with nationally and internationally relevant broadsheet and technology publications for Lord Drayson.

This forum was used to introduce the business and its vision, generating intrigue, interest and validation around Drayson Technologies as ‘one to watch’ for high-level, global business and investor audiences.

2. Tease: August

Before unveiling the technology, Eulogy worked with the Financial Times on an exclusive piece to detail the story behind Drayson Technologies - Lord Drayson’s plans for the business and crucially - Freevolt itself.

Eulogy was low on specific details surrounding the Freevolt technology, before its unveiling at the end of September. The resulting profile in FT Weekend and online was a powerful tool for investors and partners.

3. Build: August

Creating excitement and widespread conversation around Freevolt called for a launch moment reflecting the significance of the scientific leaps Drayson Technologies had achieved. To do this, Eulogy orchestrated a moment of theatre that visualised the invisible power behind Freevolt.

The company scripted, directed and delivered a live demonstration that reflected the scientific roots of Freevolt and highlighted its role in the world’s connected future at the Royal Institution.

4. Unveil: September and October

The unveilling event was attended by nearly 150 journalists, influencers, investors and prospects. Lord Drayson demonstrated the technology, explaining radio frequency energy waves, the concept behind harvesting small amounts of power, and demonstrating other features. 

Attending media were given bespoke content and a three-hour window to file stories exclusively before a UK and US-focused media sell commenced.

5. Adopt: September and October

Eulogy's final execution was to push CleanSpace Tags to technology pioneers, consumer tech and technology trade media. While enforcing this strategy, Eulogy remained flexible enough to hijack the news agenda - something it did to great effect in the weeks following the Volkswagen emission scandal.

Once the initial heat had dissipated from the story and conversation had moved to solutions, Eulogy placed Lord Drayson as a highly relevant commentator due to his previous role as science minister, leading to even greater exposure, articles and discussion of Freevolt and CleanSpace.


From a commercial perspective, Eulogy's work generated:

  • Some 32 business leads interested in licensing Freevolt.
  • Over £100,000 of retail sales of a new category product (the CleanSpace Tag).
  • An increase in website traffic by 69,649 visitors.
  • Over 1000 Freevolt developer kit requests from the some of the world's most renowned brands.


“Eulogy has restored my faith in the power of good PR. The buzz around Drayson Technologies – a direct result of Eulogy’s work – has delivered huge value to our business, perhaps most significantly in making global investors sit up and take notice.

"The team’s knowledge of the technology sector and exceptional media knowledge are proving crucial to building our profile and maintaining this momentum.

"Eulogy’s counsel begins with strategic communications then extends, via a comprehensive and considered understanding of the organisation, into much deeper involvement with business strategy. As a start-up, we are a naturally fast-moving business, yet Eulogy has adapted to our pace with extraordinary skill and grace.”  Lord Drayson, chairman and CEO, Drayson Technologies

B2B Marketing Awards 2016

This submission won the Best public relations campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards 2016: ‘Making use of thin air’ for Drayson Technologies by Eulogy.

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