Awards case study: When You Move achieves outstanding pipeline and social following on limited budget

Described by the client's head of business development as the most successful launch in 30 years, the When You Move campaign by Digital Radish turned an unknown brand into one with the biggest social followings in the sector, and generated pipeline of half a million pounds in three months


When You Move is a new and innovative business that launched in January 2016 into a famously slow moving sector: conveyancing. The legal side of buying and selling a home is a crucial service, but one that traditionally has not been associated with dynamic technology and excellent customer experience. When You Move wanted to change that. It developed an app (the only conveyancer to do so) that gave buyers, sellers and partners the opportunity to track every stage of their house move on their phones, helping speed up completion timings and giving much needed clarity and reassurance to the whole chain.


With over 4000 competitors operating in the UK, When You Move was faced with an incredibly crowded market place. In addition, consumers may only move home a few times in their life, meaning that repeat business and retained revenue would be limited. Therefore, it was critical that When You Move could win over ‘introducers’, the estate agents and brokers who help refer business to conveyancers.

Often, estate agents have been using the same conveyancer for years, so it was essential that When You Move could convince these loyal introducers that, despite being new, its technology-first offer and focus on customer experience would be the right option for its clients. Digital Radish's marketing strategy was based on:

  • Creating hyper-local campaigns, highly personalised and in high-yield areas to get the best results from a limited budget.
  • Identifying a key pain point for the target audience (time lost) based on research, and creating a drumbeat of in-app and digital content to resolve it: “Time for… concept”.
  • Raising digital awareness through highly targeted outreach and email campaigns to boost visibility.


The campaign was designed to give credibility and thought leadership to the new brand, and to create long-term partnerships, as well as directly drive revenue in the short term. The targets were:

  • To book 100 meetings.
  • Generate xxxx revenue within three months.
  • Exceed 700 followers on Twitter from a standing start within three months.

Target audience

Audience challenges

This campaign is designed to appeal to estate agents, many of whom have long-term, loyal partnerships with local conveyancers, so Digital Radish needed a really powerful campaign to combat these existing relationships. The agency knew from its research that estate agents are motivated by closing sales quickly and providing a good service for their clients therefore, so its campaign was built around the ‘stress-free’ solution for their clients and saving estate agents time.

Audience segmentation

Out of 16,565 estate agents, there are 252 that Digital Radish identified with a turnover between £1million and £5 million in the regions where When You Move has sales operations. The agency also selected regions where the volume of sales transactions was highest, ensuring our hyper-local campaign would have the best results. This was the sweetspot: agents who have a volume of business but can be flexible and quick to move in creating new conveyancing partnerships. The local approach, progressing region by region, enabled the sales team to spend time in particular regions with multiple meetings.

Media, channels or techniques used

Phase 1: A personal social media introduction and launching a drum beat of thought-leading content, including the top 10 things estate agents could do to save time and help their buyers through the process, as identified by 500 home buyers.

Phase 2: Direct mail: Digital Radish calculated the time that When You Move’s app would save an estate agent on a daily basis. The agency then calculated what it could do with the time saved, which included popping out for a doughnut and coffee. Therefore, it created a branded package with doughnuts and a personalised flyer (‘time for doughnuts?’) and an invitation to coffee with one of the When You Move team.

Phase 3: Direct: Follow up with a personal invitation through social media. 

Phase 4: An in-app content hub and monthly newsletter was created, enabling estate agents to benefit from ongoing tools and resources to help their buyers move home smoothly.


September to October 2015: Primary research with 500 home buyers and sellers to understand the stress involved and their opinion of estate agents.

November to December 2015: Content creation, in-app content hub, website creation, in-app content.

January to March 2016: Launch of campaign and region-by-region meeting creation.

Brand awareness results

The thought-leadership content was downloaded 1134 times - When You Move has become the most followed conveyancer on Twitter within three months of launching the account.

Client testimonials

In 30 years working in sales, this is the most successful marketing launch I’ve seen." Gary King, head of sales and business development, When You Move

I hate to say it, but we actually have too many leads now to follow up. I am going to need to expand the sales team! It’s been brilliant to work with Digital Radish.Simon Bath, CEO, When You Move

B2B Marketing Awards 2016

This submission won Best limited budget campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards 2016: ‘When you move: Launching a modern property law firm’ for When You Move by Digital Radish.

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