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10 social Media Marketing trends to market differently

Social Media is all about interactions with people through create, exchange , share different ideas and  information even sometimes by creating groups. Mostly marketers use some words, pictures and link them to  their latest products in a box and display as their  social media strategy,which has zero value nowadays. In market industry, change is only constant, if you want to achieve success then be a change maker and do things differently.

Every year new trends, hell of changes and innovative social media strategies are raising every year. Now what for 2015?
Lets see top social media marketing trends for effective promotion.

1. Follow Digital Strategy

It is not unknown to the marketers that social and engagement signals can work as a weapon for SEO strategies. So  almost all businesses are investing in Digital marketing  through social networks to market and tried their best with SEO and SMM strategy. From 2014 social media was seriously involved in business where  quality content , engagement and conversations are taken into account instead of simply like, follow, by becoming fan or through sharing a post simply for enhancing the ranks.

2. Focus on Engagement and Community Building

Five steps of Social Media Engagement - Lead- Shape-Share-Respond-Listen are now seriously get involved in business strategy, as it is understood that power lies in engagement and community building because at the end of the day owners, entrepreneurs, investors and managers will keep their eye on returns of their investment. So now marketers will agree if you create brand advocates out of your followers on social media, where you can easily get viral and achieve maximum ROI.

3. Focus on Content strategy for social Media

It is true that content driven social media marketing are dominating the marketing trend. So the content utilization  is now focusing on content strategy, content development and content marketing for social media to be far reaching, deeper in explaining and complex throughout its journey. The content strategy need to be different for each social platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

4. Blogging, Blogging and Blogging

Blogging is playing a major role in engaging audience  and to increase rank on Google, because today Google's algorithm is important for every social signals such as likes, shares, tweets and many more. In blog, marketers can generate leads through traffic by utilizing, opt-ins, subscriptions, sharing,engagement along with other  conversion strategies.

5. Mobile Driven Social Media Strategies

In India second screen experience is important for marketing industry. On line customers do look for second screen experience for their decision making journey. So  by developing mobile driven social media marketing the marketers achieve success to engage and convert. The e-commerce business in India is seriously adopting second screen experience.

6. All About Video

The Digital marketing industry  is concentrating on , Micro-video, video blogging, GIFs, infographics, Video blogging, text, blogging, article and many more to drag all internet users' attention. Viral Video marketing help a lot to social media marketers to enable their business to go viral, get social identity, build brand engagement and create brand advocates out of followers.

7. B2B Marketing Channels

B2B marketing includes Linkedin and slideshare  to reach at top searches without any effort. In India , Linkedin has picked up in a big way by professionals and B2B companies.

8. Social Customer Relationship Management

Today prominent social media platforms are directly interacting with customers and fans on their page through solve queries and issues.

9. Social Media Advertising

By introducing hash tags, it became easy to target relevant audience , so as many relevant changes are taking place in Social advertising to get  effective and accurate audience. Now Facebook and Twitter is experimenting and improving their advertising a lot like  making content go invisible from fan's news feed, brands using sponsored links, sponsored hash tags etc.

10. Integration of Social Media with Marketing Strategy

Previously  for social marketing , brands mostly utilize off-line marketing strategy.  Extensive use of hash tags, social media icons, billboards,commercial ads through television and radio etc. But in 2015 social media marketers leveraging the power through off-line channels to engage seriously through conversations,  discussions and engagement on social media platforms, like the recent paytm #paytmkaro campaign.

These are top 10 social media trends, those must be used in 2015 to get better targets and business.