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10 things I learnt at the B2B Marketing Summit 2016

Yesterday’s B2B Summit was, once again, a huge success. But as there was so much fantastic B2B insight to take in, I thought I’d share the 10 things I took away from the day.

1. The future of content marketing is unknown and unwritten. Don't wait around for somebody to tell your story for you – tell the story yourself using the many platforms available for you.

2. Strategy, customer, brand and measurement are key to high performance marketing.

3. Marketing is not just art versus science. It is actually art (creativity) – science (data) – engineering (process).

4. Marketers shouldn't receive business strategy, but contribute to it.

5. Rule #1 of influencer marketing: popularity does not equal influence.

6. People don't like to be harvested... people don't like to be called a lead. Communications have to be about the customer, not the sales products.

7. There is widespread agreement that the core focus for marketers – the essence of what we’re all trying to do – is actually quite simple. Marketing’s two aims are: to understand customers, and grow the business. These objectives should underpin everything we do.

8. Everything you publish is a chance to learn something; either about you, your customers or your brand. Make the most of this opportunity.

9. Your message has to be consistent with who you are.

10. Sales people and marketers are trusted by three per cent of people. Above stockbrokers but below baristas.