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10 Touch Points for a Socially Savvy Contact Strategy

Here’s the blueprint for an integrated contact strategy written by Carmen Hill, Social Media Strategist at Babcock & Jenkins, a B2B marketing agency and Eloqua partner.

 1. Industry events: Engage key influencers in person to 
demonstrate the product, and seed positive word of 
mouth. Engage in and share lively Twitter streams.

2. Influencer blogs and forums: Participate by providing 
relevant, data-rich content and comment or respond when 

3. PR: Reach out to reporters and bloggers covering the 
category with personalised pitches and exclusive access to 

 4. Online media: Drive awareness and generate leads 
through content syndication.

 5. Social networks: Respond to conversations, answer 
questions and share content.

 6. Demand-centric website: Showcase content and capture 
information about visitors, through Web analytics and/or registration forms.

 7. Newsletter and social opt-in: Invite followers and site visitors to subscribe to newsletters and social feeds. Include optional social contact fields in addition to email.

8. Nurture via email and social channels: Stay in touch with responders until they indicate interest or intent to purchase.

9. Telemarketing/sales: Once someone registers for decision-stage content or requests contact, follow up with a sales call. If you have social contact data, reach out via Twitter or LinkedIn.

10. Encourage advocacy: Empower trial users and customers to share their successes by recording short videos that can be posted on YouTube or embedded in a blog. Push that to social channels.

For more information on how to build social into your demand generation strategy please visit the Eloqua Grande Guide to Social Demand Generation