11 Ways Windows 8 Benefits Marketers

Windows 8 is a powerful new platform that is as different from Windows 7 as 7 was from XP. One of the points that Microsoft is pressing hard in the previews is Windows 8's improved functionality as a business-class operating system—so what does Windows 8 do that has them making that claim? Let's investigate.


Increased Security

Every evolution of Windows has improved security over the last, but Windows 8 adds a few new security features that businesses and marketing professionals will truly appreciated.

  • Secure booting: by requiring that all elements of the boot process have security certificates, much like websites do.
  • BitLocker drive encryption: OK, so BitLocker has been around since Vista, but Microsoft promises that Windows 8 encrypts much more quickly, making BitLocker much more convenient and business-relevant under the new OS.
  • AppLocker: Another upgrade from Windows 7, the AppLocker now affects Packaged apps and Packaged app installers, giving admins even more control over what end-users are allowed to run.
  • SmartScreen: this Application Reputation System warns users when they're about to download an app that may be malware, which is of particular importance to corporations who want to keep their data safe.

That's not the entire list of new security features—that'd take an entire article into themselves to lay out in detail. It does show the degree to which Microsoft's engineers are paying attention to customer feedback from big businesses, however: all of these changes were made at least in part due to business demands.


Improved Portability

The modern workplace is a far cry from the locked-down cubicle farms of the 90s. Modern marketers are expected to be fully connected, able to access from anywhere—and Windows 8 fully supports that.

  • Windows To Go: allows you to imagine Windows complete with apps, settings, and data onto a bootable USB device, allowing any computer to turn into their workstation just by selecting the right boot option.
  • DirectAccess takes the place of a VPN, making it more convenient to connect to a corporate network remotely, while still allowing admins to monitor and manage client computers.
  • Full Tablet Experience: Windows 8 is able to run on a variety of tablets, including the best Lenovo tablets.
  • Metro: Closely related is Windows 8's new Metro interface, a touch-based interface that expects to see greater market-share given to touchscreen monitors, but also enables the aforementioned tablet experience.


With the workforce increasingly needing to access data from the field, during travel time, or in critical situations from home or hotel, the advances Windows 8 is offering in that arena are key. Microsoft is betting that these features will drive significant sales, and it seems like a good bet.


Powerful Development and Administration Tools

Big businesses are the ultimate power users. Within businesses, marketing professionals are always seeking newer and better ways to bend their OS to their will—and Windows 8 is heeding their desires. Check out some of the powerful new tools Windows 8 brings to the table:

  • Desktop Virtualization: Under Windows 8, it's much easier to create a complete virtual OS running inside of Windows 8, and test apps and configurations on the virtual platform.

  • New Recovery Options: In a nod to something Windows users have been crying out for since the days of 3.11, Windows 8 has a recovery option that saves all of your documents, personal data, and apps, but reinstalls Windows in order to get rid of any corruption or malware that's infected system files.
  • Easy Upgrades: New tools like the App Compatibility Toolkit and the User State Migration Tool allow Windows 8 to spot possible software conflicts and automate data migrations from Windows versions as far back as XP.

There are complaints about Windows 8 as well, but for the first time in a long time, the majority of those complaints are about Microsoft's business practices and decisions rather than the software itself. By almost all accounts, Windows 8 is a huge upgrade—particularly for marketers. Whether or not it takes off as well on home computers, time will have to tell.

Do you use Window 8? How are you liking it?