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12 Tools for Content Writing Blogger Can't Live Without

Content creating is one of the hardest skills that an individual can be required to master. As a blogger, this skill is essential towards the success of your art. It takes awhile before one can confidently say that they have mastered the skill of content creating from a blogger's perspective. One thing is certain though, even if you have not mastered this skill to the latter, you can use some of these designated tools which will ease the experience.

As a blogger, there is a list of tools which one cannot do without. They are considered to be vital in as far as enhancing the blogging experience is concerned. Some of the tools are browser based while others can be downloaded and used offline. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to find any tool/software of your choice that can be used for your blogging needs. In this piece, we'll examine some of the free tools that a blogger can use to make the process of content creating run as smooth as possible.

Organizational tools

Whether you are working as a blogger or an essay writer organization should form a huge part of your success. Ultimately, organization is the key to any effective writing. When little attention is paid to organizing your work, chances are that you might end up confusing your readers with your jumbled up words. If you are looking to do away with any forms of frustrations, you may want to practise a little bit of organization. These tools can help you with that:

1. Mindmappers

Are you a believer in mindmaps? If not then you need to change your mentality about the same. The benefits that an individual stands to gain from using any kind of Mindmappers should be enticing enough to anyone. Mindmappers not only provide you with assistance in as far as organization is concerned, they can also go along way in helping the user to explore, develop and refine their ideas in a more logical manner that is essential to any writer.

2. Wiki-style notebooks

The free personal wikis can be used as a perfect channel where an individual blogger can record and develop their ideas. The best part about these tools is that they do encourage collaboration. This basically means that you can record and develop your ideas with another party dubbed as the collaborator. You can link a number of pages to allow for easy navigation between the pages.

 Writing tools

When it comes to blogging, writing is an essential requirement. In as much as there are individuals who have the ability to type hundreds of pages on a word document, there are others who prefer more streamlined alternatives. These tools can effectively help you on the same.

3. Distraction free editors

Writing is an art that requires a lot of creativity and concentration. To achieve this, one needs a high level of concentration. Staying distracted is a major hindrance to this this progress. Free tools such as WriteApp are designed to help the user maintain their high concentration level and remain productive.

 4. Ilys

Ilys is a very simple text editor that will prevent you from editing any material that you have written until when you have reached certain predetermined word count or a time limit. This tool is the perfect representation of common writing wisdom, ''write first and then edit later''.


With this website you will get immediate online writing, editing or proofreading assistance. Besides consultations of professional writers the Essaymama suggests such writing tools as Wordcounter, Citation generator and Writing guide that are helpful and valuable to any content writer who wants his writing to be accurate and correct. Besides, the website has blog section with variety of writing tips and infographics.

6. Plotbot

With Plotbot, a writer is at liberty to write any screenplay online. The tool has the ability to automatically format the script in accordance to the industrial standards and allow you to write with a lot of freedom with little concern of whether you are doing it right or not. In addition to this the tool also allows you to collaborate with others when it comes to writing the script.

  • Productivity tools

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to writing, it is easy; however, the hardest part comes in when one is required to keep on writing. For people who are required to write regularly productivity can reduce with time. With these applications, you are in a better position of maintaining a high level of productivity.

7. Pomodoro technique

For many years this method of approaching work has been hyped to be one of the best as it helps to greatly reduce burnout. is a web based tool that can be used as a Pomodoro timer to increase productivity.

8. Site blockers

Both LeechBook for Firefox and StayFocusd for Chrome can be used to help you block some of the websites you do not want to visit until an appropriate time. This will prevent you from wasting a lot of your time on browsing. You can enhance greatly your productivity with these site blocker tools.

Utility tools

  • The tools that have been covered in this particular category are known to be very special in their own way. They have specialised in whatever it is that they offer. They include:

  • 9. Word counter

Word counter is without a doubt one of the best word counting tools that are available in the market. In as much as might not be a very popular destination for bloggers, it sure has amazing tools that can be used by bloggers.

10. Cliché Finder

When it comes to writing, clichés most definitely do have a place in the English language. However, the problem only arises when a blogger beings to overuse the same. Whenever this happens, it might make you writing to sound juvenile which is not something that anyone wants especially considering the fact that they dealing with a very sensitive industry.

11. oTranscribe

This particular web based tool is ideal for individuals who are known to do a lot of transcribing work. The tool can support a number of audio files including MP3, OGG and WAV. The tool is very straight forward to make life easy.

12. Citation Generator

We all can agree on the fact that compiling bibliography can be brain draining especially on publications that are over hundreds of pages. However, with BibMe, things are made a little bit simpler and exciting. With the tool, one can easily generate bibliography according to the standard that you need. The tool has the ability of handling any kind of media ranging from books to newspapers and websites.

For any blogger, these tools can be very helpful regardless of which one you decide to go for. They are designed to make your life as a blogger easy and enjoyable. Do not let content creating cause you nightmares when you can make use of these awesome tools.