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12 Trends in Voice of the Customer for 2012 - Part 4

Making it fit with the people in the organisation

Over the past number of years the methods of data collection and analysis have begun to reach a level of maturity. The focus will begin to move to how the people throughout the organisation use the information generated by voice of the customer programs and how they interact with the customers themselves to make the solution fit.

Becoming part of Company Strategy

Many companies such as GlaxoSmithKline have begun to use customer satisfaction data as the basis for their employee’s remuneration packages.This trend will continue with customer satisfaction eventually getting profit parity within organisations and strategic decisions being made based on customer insight provided by a Voice of the Customer program.

Making Sense of Social

Social media has grown as a customer feedback channel within Voice of the customer systems. The trend in 2012 will be for companies to do more than just react to feedback given through social media. Being proactive will become the focus to ensure the deeper issues within the company are resolved. Part of this will be linking customer’s social media profiles to their profiles within the system in order to gain a deeper insight into their feedback.