15 online tools to engage audience with social media posts

These online resources will help you take your social media activity to the next level.

Social media marketing helps businesses to grow by attracting new customers and engaging existing customers. However, strategies must be in place in order to present the service or product correctly – one controversial tweet could be disastrous for a brand.

To help get your social media posts on track, take a look at the following tools on the market. Each of these online tools provides its own method for increasing your audience engagement and will help you take small steps toward reaching a bigger audience.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark allows you create impactful graphics and videos that will connect with your audience. Use Adobe Spark to advertise a special giveaway you've got by creating an impressive ad that will entice clients to click through. Select the right image to use, and you can know that, almost certainly, your post will be going viral. It's communication with impact.

2. Buffer

Get on top of your social media posts with the help of Buffer. This is truly a time-saving tool, letting you schedule up to 2,000 social media posts through the Buffer Business Plan. It then allows you to go through and analyze the activity those posts have seen. Buffer is the perfect social media management resource for businesses, letting you easily organize yourself in the fast-paced social media world. You can also extend access to this tool to half a dozen of your team members or staff.


Connect all of your business apps across all of your devices through IFTTT's platform. By using 'If this, then that' statements to create your business' automated network, you'll always be thinking one step ahead as to what your next move should be. And, in this fast-paced online world, reacting fast is one of the most important techniques for getting and staying ahead of the game.

4. Post Planner

With Post Planner, you're not just scheduling posts to appear in a newsfeed. You're building engagement through your social media. The company's scientifically proven methods promise to find, plan and post content that will increase your social media engagement. Posting is easy; it's finding the right content to engage the right audience that's the tricky part, and that's exactly where Post Planner promises to deliver.

5. Boom Essays

Call up the professionals at Write my essay if you're in need of some assistance in the content creation department. Their friendly writers are pros in their fields, and you'll be paired with someone who knows your area of business very well. Once they get an understanding of your specific brand, they'll be able to put together professional content and assist in your marketing strategy to boost your audience engagement.

6. Bundlepost

Bundlepost takes away the time and effort of managing your social media and instead gives you more time to focus on connecting with your audience. In just 15 to 20 minutess, you'll be able to plan ads, relevant hashtags and messages to be posted over the next three to five days. It sure beats spending time each day on social media feeds.

7. Feedly

One of the benefits of Feedly is that you can keep on top of what others in your network are posting as well as your own social media. It means that you'll never again miss a single tweet from your competitors, leaving you in the know and feeling ahead of the game – or on par, at least. Register to receive keyword alerts, as well as updates on any movement with the publications, blogs and YouTube channels you're following.

8. Onalytica

Onalytica focuses not only on the clients but on relevant social influencers of a brand. You'll have the ability to identify and engage with these relevant companies and individuals that talk about the content that matters to you and your marketing strategy. By targeting these influencers, you'll be able to leverage their established networks to help more effectively target your audience.

9. Essay Roo

Marketers should never underestimate the value of quality and targeted social media posts. The high quality, professional writing from Business essay is created by their team of fully qualified experts, giving you the credibility you want, both in relevant content and also in writing style. If your social media posts aren't written well enough for you to engage your audience and earn their trust, you'll quickly lose them. In other words, you don't only have to have content that has relevant information, but it also needs to be written in a way that the information is easy to comprehend.

10. Hootsuite

Connect instantly with more than 35 popular social media networks through Hootsuite, the online tool that allows you to plan posts and deliver your social media strategy across a range of profiles in just one click. It's social media management on an entirely different level. Engage, analyze, collaborate and more through Hootsuite's online dashboard.

11. Sprout Social

Having a fast and efficient method for responding to client queries is of the utmost importance. In this fast-paced world, people want an answer fast, and if you're not there to give it to them, they'll quickly move on. Sprout Social is the solution to this, letting you display a professional, united customer service front by responding to client queries and resolving issues quickly across all networks. It's a powerful social media management tool that ensures smarter, faster and more efficient social communication.

12. UK Writings

Boosting your social media presence and productivity doesn't mean you'll need to spend hours in front of the computer screen. When you cooperate with UK assignment service you'll be able to save time on writing, scheduling and tracking your social media posts.

13. Hubspot

When you're just stumped on what exactly to write about next, turn to the Blog Topic Generator at HubSpot for some relevant idea production. Whether you're being plagued with writer's block or if you're just all out of inspiration, with just a few nouns, they'll give you some ideas to get the creativity flowing again. 

14. Hemingway App

So you've got something great to say, but you just can't get the message out in a cohesive, understandable way. That's a terrible predicament to be in, if you're looking for increased audience engagement. No matter what you've got to say, if your readers can't understand you or if your content is full of errors, you'll very quickly lose credibility and trust in your knowledge. Identify all sorts of errors in your writing, as well as areas of improvement, using the Hemingway App. The color-coded legend lets you easily identify each type of error and then make the necessary edits.

15. Inbound Now

Inbound Now is a lifesaver when you are suffering from writer’s block. The ingenious app offers to create an engaging title for your social media posts using relevant keywords and topics. If you're just looking for a little bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, the app will give you endless ideas for potential blog titles. Click through the infinite list of title ideas until you find one that you love.

Social media engagement is essential to your online success. Use the tools available to you to create the environment that allows your audience engagement to flourish, in turn, growing your online presence and your business. You've got the information they want and need, now you've just got to effectively and efficiently deliver that information to your waiting audience.