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2nd Golden Rule for entering the B2B Marketing Awards 2011

Here's the second installment of my advice for to put together the perfect awards entry.

2. Read the Guidelines!

If you’re a guy, you probably don’t believe in instruction manuals, but in this instance this attitude would be a mistake. When you registered, we sent you the ‘Guidelines for submissions’ document, which is pretty key in creating your entry – make sure you read it thoroughly.  There are lots of subtle nuances related to the category details and our precise requirements for these awards, which may differ from other programmes, and may not tally with your expectations. Best to check these out rather than making assumptions, which could easily be wrong and as a result you may find your entries are penalised. If you can find your copy of the ‘Guidelines for submissions’, email Abby on

If you've not already registered, you've got one more day to do so - click here.

More advice tomorrow.