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3 Back to School Tips for B2B Marketers

Us B2B marketers love new technologies, and we thrive on new ideas, methods and strategies - but sometimes we can get a little distracted by the next big thing.

Sometimes we need to take our marketing back to basics to gain a clearer view of where we're heading.

So as it’s coming up to September, we’ve put together our top ‘back to school’ tips for B2B Marketers – we want to see your A-grade lead generation results!

1. Clean out your website 

Making sure your website is optimised for conversion is a guaranteed way of increasing lead generation. Things like simple A/B tests, and having straightforward landing pages can boost conversion rates by up to 38%. And more conversions to enquiry = more leads for your sales team!

And while you're optimising for conversion, why not carry out a mini website audit? Making sure your ‘about’ section and pricing are updated are super quick to do, but can be the difference between capturing and losing those leads.

TipUnderstanding your prospects website journey is essential if you want to improve conversion rates (and generate more leads!).  Use Lead Forensics to track your website visitor's journey, where they're dropping out and what pages are really boosting conversion.

2. Email practice makes perfect

40% of B2B marketers rated leads generated from email marketing as ‘high-quality’. But with all the new technologies, responsive templates and tactics, have we lost sight of the simple things that will generate those all-important leads?

Take your email strategy back to school by A/B testing your subject lines, messaging and template. Not convinced? Through A/B testing different email elements, the team behind the Obama presidential email campaigns were able to generate an extra $2.2 million in donations! We’re definitely impressed.

Tip: Lead Forensics can enrich your email marketing activity by identifying who has visited your website in response to each email campaign, where they went onsite, and how long they stayed there for.

3. Keep your content marketing in-line 

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates around 3 times more leads. It’s time to sit down, put your hand up and ask – what content do my prospects want to see? 

76% of B2B buyers are searching for content that is relevant in helping them make an informed decision about a product or service. So gather your sales and marketing teams together to map out the buyer journey from awareness to sale - plotting in the different information needed at each stage.

By mapping out clear information needs, you can identify the key subjects you need to include in your content planning, and gather ideas about the best ways to deliver that information.

Tip: Lead Forensics’ intelligence gives you the insight into which content pages your prospects are interacting with already. By identifying your strongest performing content pages, you can guide your strategy with real prospect insight.  

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