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3 Critical Content Marketing Tips For B2B Businesses

There are essentially two reasons for businesses to focus on content marketing. Firstly, it helps you build visibility through distribution of great content. Secondly, good content begets high quality links. As a result, content marketing is a very effective strategy for off-site SEO link building. Thanks to the proliferation of social media sharing through channels like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, the average consumer today is experiencing an information overload – what used to work with content marketing a few years ago may no longer see traction.

However, as a B2B marketer, you may have access to channels that could make content marketing easier and more effective. Here are a few tips that B2B marketers must follow in order to execute their content marketing strategy effectively.

Authority Blogging : As a B2B marketer, your objective is not to receive thousands of social shares and reach millions of eyeballs. Instead, it is to use content as a link building strategy and also be seen as an authority among your target audience and build brand visibility in your niche. To achieve this, identify journals and magazines that are revered in your industry and offer to contribute in these columns. While it may not be possible to appear on the highest authority magazine right away, start with the smaller blogs and websites and work your way up to the largest magazines. This strategy helps you build credibility in your niche more than anything else.

Syndication : It may often not be apparent, but a lot of industry journals and websites are open to syndicating content from businesses within the industry. The strategy is to launch a blog on your company website that focuses on generating a regular stream of opinionated articles about the latest development in your industry. Once you have established a calendar, reach out to the editors of all the major industry websites offering syndication. Such partnerships not only ensure a regular stream of inbound links from a highly respected industry source, but also helps you reach out to a larger audience in your industry network.

Survey Reports & Whitepapers : One of the most effective ways to be seen as an authority in your industry is by establishing yourself as the go-to source for information on any specific topic. For instance, if you are a web hosting company that positions itself as a secure destination, then you could publish a monthly or annual whitepaper on the state of web DDoS attacks across various industries. Alternately, you could publish consolidated annual reports that survey hundreds of influencers in your industry. These are extremely useful documents for your customers and tend to get widely shared in the industry. From a marketing perspective, this is a wonderful investment to gain visibility and credibility among your targeted customer base.

The objective of content marketing in a consumer targeted product is to garner clicks and conversions (purchases) through content outreach. However, in a majority of cases, B2B content marketing focuses on building authority and generating leads that are passed on to the sales team for prospecting. As a result, the focus should be on generating leads information – this can be done through strategies like subscription-wall that tend to reduce social sharing. While this may reduce the number of eyeballs reach, you can still ensure that the leads generated are high quality and are thus worth pursuing.