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3 Examples of Quality Content Marketing in Action

Content marketing gives businesses of all sizes the chance to compete for customers attention in an overcrowd environment. It is a tool a business can use over advertising to directly appeal to an audience, often for less money and effort.

Some of the best pieces of content marketing in recent months aren’t big-budget campaigns; and instead come from organisations that have clearly considered their content marketing strategies. Take a look…


U.S. company Beardbrand has gone the extra mile for their customers by integrating how-to videos on product detail pages. On each of the product detail pages featuring beard oil, there is an in-depth YouTube video, describing the product and the proper technique for application as well as including customer reviews as annotations. These personal comments, along with that fact that the videos are hosted by company founder Eric Bandholz, really build a community spirit and put a friendly face to the Beardbrand company.

Having rich content is a serious tick in Google’s algorithm and for those potential customers who might be searching for more information than a product description. As potential customers can see the value and need for the product almost instantaneously, the additional videos will likely improve conversion rates and generate increased monthly ecommerce sales.


Viking, one of Europe’s largest office equipment suppliers, has used data to create an engaging content piece targeted at their core audience. Using existing data from Bupa, the company have built a salary widget that enables any visitor to find out how much they get paid to take unofficial breaks.

Salary widgets have proved to be an effective medium of content, the premise usually being that people can check their salaries against the likes of famous tycoons and athletes, seeing just how quickly their annual income is made by the super-rich. Viking’s widget, then, is the complete opposite of that, letting people see just how much of their salary is earned in the breaks they take during work. By being office-centric, it’s sure to inspire conversation immediately after being used, as after it’s been shared to all colleagues, quick bathroom breaks or tea runs turn into salary-based discussions.

Metro Trains

An Australian company, Metro Trains, wanted to run a campaign that would promote rail safety. Often, safety messages are dull, boring, and nobody really pays attention to them, so advertising agency McCann Melbourne wanted to help Metro Trains create something that would make people sit up and listen – and that’s exactly what they achieved with “Dumb Ways to Die”.

If you haven’t seen this video then you’re obviously not one of the 104 million who have viewed it on YouTube. It creatively tells the story of various silly ways in which you can die, with the help of colourful characters (reminiscent of the previous black comedy sensation, Happy Tree Friends) and a catchy song which was later released on iTunes.

The campaign was a success: it reduced accidents and deaths by 21% and 1 million young people made a pledge to be safer around trains. It’s also proved to have longevity, prompting parodies and variants for Halloween, Christmas and even promoting their own ioS and Android game.

These are just three examples that prove you don’t need a massive budget to create rich, engaging content that can be easily shared and generate noise for your company or brand.