3 Metrics for Proving the Value of Your Marketing Automation Investment

In the B2B marketing world, we are increasingly more focused on measurement. Leads, click-throughs, likes, etc., are all important data points that marketers are keeping track of. However, these are related largely to marketing activities. While measuring activities is beneficial and important, where marketing needs to shift their focus is on results and actual value.

Marketo's Jon Miller sums it up like this: "A lot of the metrics marketers end up using tend to be more [about], 'Hey, look at what I'm doing,' as opposed to, 'Hey, I'm doing the right things.'"

In this video from the CRMSoftware.TV video site, Jon discusses how to prove that you, as a marketer, are doing the "right things." He shares the three most important metrics that marketers should be tracking to help them prove the value of their marketing activities, as well as the value of their investment in marketing automation software.

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