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3 myths of email marketing demystified

Similar to the mystery of how we can find huge amounts of budget to fund the ongoing Libyan war yet not enough to keep A&Es open – there are a few mysteries in the email marketing space that could do with demystifying:

1: No-one opens an email on a Friday

This is just not true, especially in the B2B space. After researching thousands of campaigns we saw that B2B marketers are actually quite open to receiving an email on a Friday. Perhaps it’s because as the weekend approaches they are less involved in major projects or perhaps they are just in a better mood and so happier to check out a newsletter or introduction to a new company. But they do open them. My suggestion? If it’s lighthearted and relevant then give it a try, you know your audience the best so why not run some test campaigns?

2: If only I had better data I could send more targeted emails

What have you done with your current data so far to make it work better for you? What data do you actually have to hand? If it has a sign up date or a leadsource then you already have enough to start targeting in fact you have loads! Target people by how you met them and make that your personalisation or target people from when they signed up – if it was less than 3 months ago or 6 months ago are they classed as loyal readers or newbies? Even before that then you can use their level of interaction with you and target them with different messages depending on how much they’ve interacted with you in the past.

3. My sales team will automatically know about my email campaigns

Sales teams are focussed on one thing. Selling. Unless a lead is popping up in front of them, they won’t really be paying much attention to what you’re doing. A couple of ways to help this – 1) Involve them in your email campaign testing, that way you have an extra pair of eyes and they’ll also know what you’re sending out and 2) Set up event notifications so that every time someone opens or clicks on your email, they get notified. Email campaigns and sales calls have a much higher result when combined together so make the most of the sales team you have.