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3 Reasons to Use an Online Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs allow you to reap a variety of benefits. You encourage your customer base to return to your store, which builds brand loyalty; you can attract new customers, who will in turn become loyal; and you can build a good reputation as a company that builds long standing relationships with your customers. When you put your loyalty program online, you give your customers even more access to it and can make the program seem all that more attractive. Here are just a few of the reasons that an online loyalty program is worth investing in. 

Instant Updates 

An online customer loyalty program allows your customers to see updates to their loyalty points and customer account nearly instantaneously. This can be incredibly rewarding for them, and it makes the program easy to understand. You can show your customers which rewards they have qualified for in real time. Having an online version of your program also means that you customers can update their address or constant information instantly, so you will lose less customers as a result of having outdated contact details. 

Easier to Update 

You can also change the way your customer loyalty programs looks online with regular updates. You are able to implement customer feedback and change the way customers navigate their account, see their points, or redeem rewards. When you only have physical cards and pamphlets as a part of your program, you may be less apt to make changes because you have invested in printing thousands of pieces of literature. With an online program, you will be more agile and able to make appropriate changes to the program itself and the way it's viewed. 

Website Addition 

Putting your customer loyalty program online means that you can link it right to your company website. Consumers who happen across your website before ever stepping foot inside one of your retail locations can be a part of the program in just seconds. Not only can this increase your online sales, but it just might entice customers to find one of your stores in their local shopping center. Make sure to create a visible link on your website home page that takes browsers to a unique page set up for your loyalty program. A unique log in helps you track users' activity and also gives the customer confidence that their information is secure on your site. 

Creating an online loyalty program allows you to broaden the demographic of people who find out about your retail outlet and loyalty rewards, since the Web draws in users from all walks of life. Setting up an online program takes planning and strategy - don't enter into it until all glitches have been removed and a beta version approved. If your customers experience technical glitches or other issues, they may be dissuaded from using the program moving forward. With the help of a great marketing team, you can build up awareness about your loyalty program and create a buzz about the awesome rewards that you offer.