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3 reasons why mid-week is the B2B hot zone

This is the second in a 3 part series of blogs which focus on how ‘time’ can impact your selling opportunities. 

The facts* below tell us some pretty interesting things about the relationship between ‘time’ and ‘sales’. The days of the week are not equal in terms of how your potential clients will respond to your proposition. It’s common knowledge that people may not be so friendly on a Monday morning, but there’s more insight to be gained than that...

Please note that ‘conversion’ refers to a website visitor who requested contact and ‘qualification’ refers to conversions qualified using needs analysis and BANT over the phone.

1. B2B website activity is highest mid-week (Tuesday-Thursday), with traffic peaking at 30% higher than average on Tuesday.
High rates of website activity mid-week mean it’s imperative that you have enough sales agents to meet demand. Tuesday may be the best day for launching campaigns, interacting with social media and avoiding staff holidays. Website activity actually falls below average on Friday, people are focused on the weekend ahead and pre-existing tasks are being completed.

2. Conversion rates fall below average on Monday and Friday.
Hate Mondays? You’re not alone; many people avoid interaction with sales agents on Monday preferring to prioritise inbox demands and weekly schedules. Monday is still 21% above average for website activity so blogs or white papers may perform well. Mondays and Fridays are also good days to consider for data gathering or other housekeeping tasks.

3. Qualification rates are 4% higher than average from Tuesday to Thursday.
It’s important to reinforce the necessity of having enough sales staff mid-week. Calling leads back really quickly has a huge impact on qualification rates. Responding to a call back request within 5 seconds is 29% more likely to result in a qualification than a call 5mins later.


The days of the week have a direct impact on your business. Research how your customers interact with your website, sales agents and social media in order to build your schedule around them.

*Software Advice (2013)