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3 Simple Life Hacks That Will Boost Productivity

Over the years I’ve learnt some great marketing hacks that I think will help you become more impactful and productive. Just think, if you can save ten minutes a day using these life hacks, this would equate to eight days over a year and that’s a holiday!

Page speed checker

Need to make your site go faster? The Page Speed Tools plugin for Chrome will show you how, even if you know next to nothing about web development.

Once you’ve installed the plug-in, go to any page on your site and hit f12. This will bring up the Chrome dev console with a new page speed tab. Tab over to it and hit the start analysing button. The plug-in will do its thing and then give you a list of changes you can make to your website to enhance the speed of said page. Ping it over to your developers and you’re done. With luck you can get the pages loading a lot faster with some basic changes.


Google Analytics shortcuts

Compared to any other analytics platform I’ve ever used, GA tops the list in terms of usability. Perhaps as a consequence of that, I seem to spend a lot of my day opening and closing nav menus or digging through a few hundred redundant custom reports to get to the ones I need. Sound familiar?

Instead of spending lots of time switching between tabs in GA to get to the reports you need, use the shortcuts menu. Go to the GA reports you use a lot and hit the shortcut button and hey presto – all your most useful reports in one menu.


Remember the Milk

I have a memory like a goldfish, and yet I have many, many things to keep track of. To help me out of this impossible situation I use Remember the Milk. It’s the most genuinely useable to do list I’ve ever had (and I’ve tried and failed at many), it’s free, and I can access it from anywhere. What’s not to like?

Some alternative task management tools are Todoist, and Wunderlist.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks out there that can help to boost productivity at work and at home, so if you have any you would like share then please comment below.  

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