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3 Smart Ways to Save Money in Your Business

Some people say that the day you start doing what you love, you never work again. It’s a perfect reason to take risks and quit a mundane 9–5 office job to set up your own business.

But as far as the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment go, being your own boss also means dealing with obstacles, unplanned events and a serious amount of paperwork.

So to make your life as an entrepreneur a little bit easier, we are giving you a few tips on how you can save money while running your own company.

Money does grow on trees!

Your whole life people have been telling you that you can find cash in many, sometimes astonishing places, but trees are definitely not one of them. Surprise! Going green can save you loads of cash each year. Being tree-friendly and not printing every sheet of paper that comes your way will give you not only a clear conscious, but also a noticeable inflow of cash each year. If you want to go green all the way, don’t forget about changing your office bulbs to compact fluorescent ones, which can save you 75% of your lighting bill! If you really need to print something (such as a contract for your amazing new client), remember to buy recycled printer cartridges. You can also cut money on printing by changing your fonts (less ink needed to print), printing in black and white (even with a colour printer) and using ‘Draft’ mode if you don’t really need top-notch quality.

Cherish what you have

It’s easy to spot what you need and to spend money getting it. But what about things you already have? Let’s be a little egocentric and start, obviously, with you. You do run a business, right? So it already means that you have something to offer (even if you’re not in retail), like extensive knowledge, experience or sometimes even both. If you want to put your business in a spotlight, give a lecture at a college in your city or write an article to a local newspaper. You’ll become an expert and gather low-cost publicity for your business.

Now let’s discuss the power of customers – obviously, you need to keep acquiring new ones, but your current users can do your business favours, too. For instance, when you have a satisfied customer, spread the word around (that’s what social media is for!). If it’s the kind of story people can easily identify with, they’ll use your service out of trust. Respect the influence of your existing users and make them the true ambassadors of your business mission. It might be more beneficial than spending hundreds on advertising or a PR agency.

International transfers in a local way

Have you ever had the terrifying experience of sending money abroad via a bank?

Banks love playing games with SMEs, hiding FX and exchange fees from them. And have we mentioned that deliveries can take several business days? Luckily, the new world of international money transfers is here brought to you by TransferGo, a company that has been disrupting the financial landscape for the past 2 years and has around 70,000 users to prove its excellency. After revolutionising international money transfers for individuals, TransferGo is bringing its completely new offer to the business level – the market has never seen anything like it! So how does it work? Easy – its several prepaid plans accommodate variations in business size, cross­-border flow and frequency of transfers. Finally, thanks to TransferGo, your business can save up to £10,000 each year on international transfers.

Let’s talk numbers

As an example, the total cost of sending £30,000 is just £149. If you’re a more frequent sender, you can choose a £100,000 plan for only £399, or there’s an Enterprise plan with even lower prices for businesses transferring larger amounts. As you own your company, you know best how much flow you need monthly, so you can choose the perfect plan for your business.

TransferGo’s new business product is ultimately transparent and – because you pay in advance  – we can also guarantee destination amount, no FX and no transfer fees. There’s also no expiration date, so you can use your plan for as long as you need, and we offer a pro rata refund policy for unused balances. TransferGo is famous among its individual customers for next day delivery, and the same rules apply to its new business product.

Feel the change

Many of TransferGo’s customers are already in love with their new SME’s product, calling it a perfect package that combines an innovative approach with great simplicity. But enough of looking. It’s time to taste the new candy –  just login HERE and get 5,000 GBP of money flow for free!