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3 Steps to Successful Digital Marketing

With the extensive reach, speed of communication and the widespread availability of mass media, brands have more opportunity to create awareness through digital marketing. However, with this also comes increasing competition and smarter and more conscious consumers.

Selling your service to a business is not always easy. When looking for a required service, businesses now have access to a plethora of trusted information everyday via the Internet, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. When it comes to them evaluating brands and making their purchase decisions, businesses have a wide array of choice and with the onset of the Internet era, they have access to product and service information, reviews of like-minded people and user ratings before making a purchase decision.

1. Be Attractive

You can attract a business’ attention towards your service by being ubiquitous.  This can be achieved by first determining the businesses you believe are in need of the service you offer and then by ensuring your brand is where your audience is through digital marketing such as display advertising, social media ads, email and text messaging.

Of course, the people you are targeting do have the choice and the power to completely ignore you if they choose to as they can switch channel while ads are running, set up spam filters, online ad blockers etc. However, this creates a greater need for a brand to be attractive and keeps marketers from sticking with just one form of digital marketing. Switching strategies and tactics up is crucial and there are many choices and platforms open to the marketers; one just needs to identify and evaluate them accurately.

2. Be Interesting (Pull Advertising)

Just capturing your audience’s attention is not enough; brands need to arouse interest and curiosity. A smart digital marketer will anticipate the needs of the targeted business and place itself at the right platform where the business can find the product/service easily. Being at the right place at the right time and enabling social interaction is important. Blogs, interactive portals, search and review portals all enable the correct placement for specific business and aid your target audience to find your business as per his/ her needs. 

Furthermore, with search engine optimisation you can bring forth your brands name through web pages – website and blogs, internet links, interesting videos and banners. 

3. Be Talked About

Creating a buzz about your brand and getting opinion leaders to talk to about it not only enables it to be in the limelight, but also garners trust. Reaching out and interacting with business who you want to target is easier than ever and can work to your advantage. Social media and interactive platforms help to create and retain interest in your brand, make your target audience feel that their views are valuable, and increase word of mouth referrals.