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3 ways to build links, without doing any link building

Every SEO knows that links are still a valuable part of getting your website ranked in Google. However as they tweak their algorithm, traditional link building techniques become increasingly risky every day, and one small slip could see your site get de-indexed, potentially collapsing your business.


So rather than panic, for the last few months we’ve been developing tried and tested techniques to build links, without doing any link building. The 3 techniques that you’ll discover below are 100% natural, and best of all, they’ll generate you actual traffic as well. These are techniques that most online marketing companies aren’t aware of, or that they simply pass by as they are ‘too hard’


  1. Create Brilliant content


Ok, so we all know that you need a blog for your company, but are you actually using it? What we’ve found from our clients and ourselves is that high quality is actually the largest driver of traffic for most small business sites.


If you're stuck for idea’s think about the biggest questions that you get asked on a daily basis and answer them.


If you’d like to supercharge your blogs, shoot a video talking about the same topic and post it to YouTube to help with your distribution efforts.


2. Help reporters out


Every day there are hundreds of journalists who are looking for experts to comment for their articles. In exchange for helping them out, they’ll often link to your website from major news publications, developing you links that are 100% natural.


One word of caution - Make sure you are a true expert at what you do. If you go and make statements without evidence to back it up you’ll be in for a PR nightmare.


3. Join in the conversation


Many industry publications such as Forbes gives you the ability to create profiles when you join the site. By commenting on articles and joining in the community you’ll build relationships with the writers and site, and you’ll be amazed at what link opportunities will come your way.