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3 Ways to Improve the Look and Flow of Your Website

Having an effective website that is attractive and easy to navigate is one of the primary requirements of running any type of business today, whether you are self-employed or you run a small or large company with many employees.

But many business owners are stumped when it comes to how they can create a website and improve it so that it looks and flows perfectly for all visitors. If you are one of these people, continue reading for a few tips.

Use Clear, Vibrant Images

Internet users are on the go and they basically browse more than they thoroughly read content. This means that you need to add visual elements to your site that will be eye-catching and clear, whether you are promoting a product or service. You want users to immediately get a feel for what you are all about, and the easiest way to do so is by using high quality images, even if they are affordable stock images that you can purchase online.

In terms of product photographs, though, hire a professional photographer who will be able to bring out all of the finer details of the items that you have for sale. The more your customers can see, the better. After all, they can only rely upon your photos to determine if a product is worth purchasing because they can't see it or feel it for themselves. 

Add Videos


Another way to draw users in and keep their attention for longer than a minute is by adding videos to your site. According to, users will be 85% more likely to make a purchase on your site after they have viewed one of your videos.

The best way to utilise videos would be to already have a great site design and files set in place on a secure cloud server from a company like VMWare Hosting. Then determine what type of video would be the most effective one to grab the attention of your particular market of consumers. You may go for a serious one, a humorous one, or an educational one, for example, to get your message across in a quick and easy way.

Remember that, as with photography, hiring a professional videographer who can capture high quality footage and edit it appropriately is the best way to create and launch videos for your business.

Incorporate Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design involves techniques and tools that allow you to build a website that will be viewable across all screen sizes and devices. Considering how many people use mobile devices every day to check their emails and surf the internet, this is one of the most important ways your website needs to evolve to keep up with the times.

Again, stick with professionals to get the job done right and have it done quickly. Hiring a professional web designer is the best way to get a response website built that users will be able to navigate easily, whether they are on a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop.