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3rd Golden Rule to win a B2B Marketing Award

With the submissions deadline for the B2B marketing Awards fast approaching, I thought it might be useful to offer some advice on how to maximise your chances to win - here's the third of my seven golden rules for success.

3. Use the templates!

We sent you two templates when you registered: the ‘Submissions template’ and ‘Display boards’ template. The former provides you with a quick and easy way to ensure you’re formatting your entries correctly and (more importantly, including the right information) – so what’s not to like?

If you chose to adopt another format for your submissions documents, do refer back to this template to ensure you’ve not missed anything out.

Display boards, meanwhile, are not compulsory, and are only really relevant for submissions involving a lot of creative work, but if you do chose to submit them, the templates are compulsory.

Display boards give judges a better idea of the creative ideas and images used, and those supplied for entries that are shortlisted are displayed at the awards gala dinner.

Forgot to register? Tch, you should be ashamed. Never mind: drop Abby a line at

Can't fine the emails with the templates on them? Again, drop Abby a line.

Deadline for submissions is June 15th. For more info on how to put your entries together, join our webcast.