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4 Creative Ways To Use Instagram For B2B Marketing

Instagram has given businesses a unique ability to portray stories through the use of images, highlight a company’s working culture, or new product additions to consumers, but did you know the platform isn’t limited to B2C marketing?

Many B2B companies are also devoting employees, time and money to Instagram for marketing. They’re making sure their images and content with short messages is perfectly aligned with their target audience and that each photo engages with customers and attract new prospects.

Apart from images, Instagram’s 15-second videos are helping B2B marketers make technical guides, user manuals, handbooks, and more. This is the type of marketing collateral B2B buyers live by. Some companies are also asking their customers to contribute to these videos to create a user-generated manual for marketing purposes.

While the way you use the personal and emotional approach of the platform is entirely up to you, here are a few creative suggestions for B2B marketers:

Promote your products

Whether you’re a retail company or software as a service business, demonstrate your product; how it is manufactured, selected, modified, etc. Business buyers want insight of your products and how your company works to create them. Showing the process of production can be an interesting way to provide educational information to other businesses.

This is what General Electric did. The company frequently uses Instagram to connect with its buyers. In one of the images, it showcased the diagnostic capsule production area. Not interesting on a general outlook? The image received 27 comments and 1,012 likes. GE also uses Instagram to host contests for B2B buyers.

Involve your staff

If you have an exceptional staff and your customer service is spot on, then use it to set your business apart from others. Use images and videos to showcase their friendly work attitude and expertise. But make sure you collaborate with the staff on this strategy rather than taking action without their consent.

Options like company intranet software will enable you to use spaces for content and collaboration, bringing the staff together for this venture to make sure that the marketing message aligns with the goals of the company. By keeping everything organized, you would be able to make sure there are no slip-ups or mistakes.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get B2B buyers to notice your company, and they can also be used as reminders for your company events. If it’s Christmas, you can host an evening for corporate clients and add the relevant hashtags. Friends and social connections of these clients who might not have heard of your company before might stumble upon your Instagram account as a result.

Use hashtags consistently to trend for your marketing efforts, but avoid going overboard with the numbers – stick to 3-5 hashtags. Anything beyond that and you’ll be seen as spammy, annoying or desperate for attention. Also, don’t be afraid to think beyond your business when using hashtags; it may pay to hijack a trending topic or two once in a while.

Nurture Instagram content with company experiences

Instagram users love experiences, and your B2B business can get involved easily. If a staff member of your company regularly travels to visit clients and sell products, have the pictures taken of the countries, cities and landmarks they visit. This will give you an opportunity to showcase areas visited by your company’s employee and promote why you were there. Such content can reach B2B buyers in those areas.

The location being visited can also be used in a hashtag format as a way to reach a greater audience. The geotagging option will come into play when it comes to adding a location; it will help reach B2B prospects in the location you tag as it lets them know your business is providing service in their area.

At the end of the day, try different tactics and monitor metrics to see how the content works for you. Your B2B Instagram marketing sweet spot is likely to be a mixture of salesly, educational and entertaining content.